Our Story

The Harvest Corner/HWY 95, LLC is an Adult Use Equity Joint Venture which has received its final approved license from the State of Connecticut to operate as an Adult-Use-Cannabis Retailer. We carefully selected our team to maximize the opportunity while keeping the revenues in Connecticut with partners that have demonstrated dedication to their communities. Our partners are:

Cannabis Partner

Still River Wellness is the first and only Medical Cannabis Dispensary Facility to open in Litchfield County since the state’s program was launched in 2013. Located in Northern Torrington directly off Route 8, the dispensary provides access to the thousands of Litchfield County registered patients who currently need to travel to other counties for their medicine. Our team of experts’ primary goal is to ensure that every patient has the materials and education they need for a safe and therapeutic experience while receiving the care and professionalism they deserve. At the heart of everything we do, the way we act, and the way we treat others is a desire to send a clear message to our patients, caregivers, and community – that we care.

Still River Wellness is one of eighteen medical marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut and was started by Thomas Macre Jr. and his father in 2018. The Macre’s ran a successful medical equipment business for 8 years prior to medical marijuana being legalized in the state and were urged to apply for a license by the physicians and patients they served.

The Macre’s opened their dispensary in Torrington, CT due to the unmet need within Litchfield County. The company celebrated 4 years in business this year, and currently serves over 2,000 medical patients. Still River Wellness is also one of only three licensed cannabis companies in the state that is still Connecticut owned and operated.

Following the legalization of adult-use cannabis, the company was given the opportunity to expand its operations with the creation of an equity joint venture in which 50% of ownership must be with partners who currently reside or did as children in a disproportionately impacted area within the state.

Social Equity Partners

Our social equity partners are fully committed to operating with the utmost integrity and working with community leaders to ensure all stakeholders are considered and given the respect that protects the values of Colchester. Our Social Equity partners will be full-time managers and responsible for day-to-day operations.

James Romano

James was born and raised in New Haven, CT. After graduating from Central Connecticut State University with a degree in criminal justice, he worked for the State of Connecticut as a probation officer retiring in 2015. In 2015 James opened a private investigation company and recently retired to pursue this exciting endeavor.

Isaak Lazarou

Isaak was raised in New London, CT where he attended New London High School. After graduating from Siena College with a degree in finance, he worked for Johnson Controls at Pfizer. Subsequently, Isaak opened and has operated a successful small business for the past 18 years.


Our capital investment group is composed of 10 Connecticut natives with strong ties to their communities and Connecticut as a whole. They cover the spectrum of professions, including attorney, corporate executive, sales, small business owners, collegiate coach, and professional athlete.

When assembling this group, we focused on getting a large group to share the opportunity with as many as we could, but also bringing a level of diversity and experience that included experience and geography. Additionally, it was important that the investment be from Connecticut so that the State and local communities would benefit from all economic multipliers associated with this opportunity and to avoid corporate profit driven decisions.

C-3 Ventures, our Social Equity partners, and our investors have the experience, vision, and commitment to thrive and support local communities. We will maintain a professional, community driven experience by providing the best quality products, clean and safe facilities, creating jobs while financially contributing to Colchester.

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